Interactive Shadow Map

Interactive Shadow Map

This is a beta test (does not work on all browsers) using GOOGLE Maps, coding by Geoff Hitchcox. , Christchurch, New Zealand.

Zoom in and out with control at left of map. You can "drag" map by holding down left mouse button.

Double-clicking will center map at tip of mouse pointer, the lat/lon and perpendicular distance from center path is then given beneath map.

GREEN=Center of Path , Gray=User defined offsets to center line.

#### Handy HINT #### If you are using dialup and not all tiles load on the map, press the "-" pad on the zoom control (left side of map) then one second later press the "+" pad. This will take you back to the same zoom setting, but reload any tiles that are missing. ENJOY!

## Place Holder for NAME of event ##

Top of Map = North , Left = West , Right = East , Bottom = South

Use + or - in following input boxes to decide which side of the GREEN line to draw line.
A + value places a line on the True Right Hand Side of the path (in direction of increasing time).
To set gray offset line A (in km perpendicular to GREEN line), edit this box then
To set gray offset line B (in km perpendicular to GREEN line), edit this box then

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